Many teens come to their first orthodontist appointment thinking that their only alternative is metal braces, but more and more are opting for Invisalign Teen once they realize it’s available and understand the benefits. Dr. Jones and Dr. DeShon are both big fans of this popular orthodontic solution.

Invisalign Teen is a game-changer in orthodontic treatment for adolescents and young adults aged 13 to 19. Invisalign Teen is designed to correct misaligned teeth without the hassle of brackets and wires, allowing teenagers to maintain their active and vibrant lifestyles with minimal disruptions.

Functioning as a discreet teeth-straightening system, Invisalign Teen uses clear aligners to address a spectrum of orthodontic issues.. The standout feature is its inconspicuous nature – unlike traditional metal braces, these aligners are barely noticeable and can be conveniently removed at any time.

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In some cases, use of Invisalign can even shorten overall treatment time if the patient complies with the treatment plan and moves through the aligners according to the schedule.

Benefits for teens

The most visible perk of Invisalign Teen is its aesthetic appeal. The clear aligners are virtually undetectable, allowing teenagers to undergo orthodontic treatment without feeling embarrassed or like their braces will affect their social lives. With Invisalign Teen, there’s no need to hide that smile!

The aligners are removable, so patients don’t have to worry about damaging their orthodontic appliances when they eat. Teenagers can continue to indulge in the foods and snacks they love, although it’s still very important that they follow dental hygiene instructions. Teens who play sports reduce the risk of injury to their mouths because there’s no metal to cut the cheek or gums if they take a blow to the face.

To get started, we just take a quick digital scan of your teeth and jaw using advanced imaging software to design a treatment plan and aligners customized to each patient.

Benefits for parents

With our customized payment plans, Invisalign Teen is affordable for any budget. We offer no-interest plans and discounts for a variety of situations. We will discuss all your financial options at your initial consultation.

Parents also enjoy the convenience of Invisalign Teen. They don’t have to worry about what their children are eating while in orthodontic treatment, and they only have to attend follow-up appointments every few weeks.

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