It’s hard to believe we’ve been back in the office for seven weeks after the hiatus we were forced to take because of the coronavirus outbreak. We’re so glad to have our patients and families back in the office every day.

We’ve put many measures in place to keep everyone safe and healthy, but we’re probably most excited about the sanitization and ionization unit that we’ve installed in our HVAC system. It eradicates bacteria and viruses immediately, saturating the air with ionized particles of hydrogen peroxide. When a person brings a pathogen into the office on their clothes or introduces one when they cough or sneeze, it will be killed instantly by the hydrogen peroxide ions. This will help us fight the spread of coronavirus as well as seasonal colds and flu.

In addition to the ionization system, we’re taking the following precautions:

  • Our already strict infection control procedures
  • Extensive personal protective equipment worn by our staff
  • Increased disinfection of surfaces and high-traffic areas
  • Ultraviolet air filters
  • A small number of people in the building, both through a reduced schedule and by allowing only patients and staff into the office
  • COVID-19 screening procedures, including questions about contact risk and taking your temperature
  • Requiring masks to be worn inside the office

Because of these steps and the fact that our patients and staff have been so good about adhering to the new protocols, we feel very confident in the safety of our office, and we hope you will, too! If you have any questions or concerns about your next appointment and the best ways to stay healthy, just give us a call.