At Jones & DeShon Orthodontics, we understand that even though orthodontics is a worthy investment, it can also be a costly one. Many patients rely on insurance to cover the cost of treatment, but not all patients and procedures are covered. In fact, insurance companies may be reluctant to pay for orthodontic treatment for patients over 18 years old. 

Because of this, in addition to taking insurance, we offer many payment options to make orthodontics affordable for our patients. 

Orthodontic Insurance

Health insurance plans do not always include dental plans. If you are sure you have a dental plan, however, then orthodontic treatment may be covered under your policy. Orthodontic coverage is often provided as a supplemental plan for dental insurance.

Before you use or sign up for orthodontic coverage, there are some important questions you may wish to address:

  • What is the monthly premium? 
  • Is there an age limit on the coverage offered?
  • Is there a lifetime or annual max on coverage?
  • What is covered under the orthodontic insurance plan?
  • What are the procedures that are not covered under the plan?
  • How much of each procedure will the insurance plan cover?

Because many insurance companies aren’t too keen on covering orthodontic procedures, note that if you start your treatment plan before your insurance plan becomes effective, they may refuse to pay. 


As a result of the limitations of insurance, CareCredit has now become an increasingly popular way to pay for procedures. One of the main benefits of CareCredit is that it allows you to extend your repayment terms beyond active treatment through short- and long-term financing plans. Because CareCredit is also useful for other types of health care costs, this is a great way to consolidate your medical bills into one monthly payment.

Tax Benefits Savings Accounts

Savings accounts with tax benefits are a great way to pay for and use only what you need. With an insurance plan, you may pay a monthly premium every month and never end up using the benefits, which may not roll over the following year. With an HSA or FSA plan, you have control over how much you contribute and how much you spend, all while enjoying tax benefits.

Other discounts

We also offer discounts for multiple family members in treatment, twins, parents starting treatment at the same time as their children, college students, up-front payment in full, and families of teachers, first responders and military.

Whatever payment option you choose at Jones & DeShon Orthodontics, we are here to help walk you through the process. We will help you understand how each option works, why one may be better than the other and even how they may be combined for maximum benefit. For more information, contact us at 276-638-8888.